Cleveland Forces Game 7 As Steph Curry Gets Tossed

Honestly this game was never even close. LeBron James decided that it was his game and the Warriors never had a chance. I’d like to say I can provide some solid basketball analysis, but that would be a stretch. Based off what I saw tonight though it’s going to be very hard to bet against the Cavs in game 7. Golden State has relied heavily on their bench throughout the series and it appears that their hot streak is coming to an end. Combine that with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving playing out of their minds and it is a recipe for disaster in Golden State.

Warriors vs Cavs

Now onto the Curry ejection. It was terrible. The refs were terrible. The NBA is wildly inconsistent when it comes to calling fouls and I’ll be the first to say that I do not agree with the majority of calls. By calling ridiculously awful fouls all night it takes away from the game. LeBron can drive to the hoop and draw a foul on almost every possession. It’s absolutely incredible to me that it’s allowed to happen on a consistent basis. Just let the players play. Obviously there are going to be fouls, but sometimes the refs need to put the whistle down. On Curry’s last foul of the game he was running back and got tangled up with LeBron. There’s no way that a foul should have been called there. It takes the best player away from his team in the most important game of the season and shouldn’t happen. Looks like Ayesha Curry might be onto something here…

Ayesha Curry Tweet



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