Mike Trout Wants To Steal 40 Bags in 2017

mike-troutMike Trout said Saturday that he wants to swipe at least 40 bases in 2017. Well, better go ahead and move him up your draft boards based on that declaration. In all seriousness though, Trout is already the consensus top overall pick and the fact that he wants to run even more is certainly a boost to his already sky-high value. He made a similar declaration before the 2016 season about wanting to run more and increased his stolen base output from 11 to 30.

Pedro Moura on Twitter

If Trout wasn’t already the top ranked batter on everybody’s draft board then I just don’t understand baseball anymore. This proclamation of wanting to steal forty bases is fantastic news for anybody who is lucky enough to land the top pick. I have seen arguments made for Kershaw being taken first overall and I completely understand where those arguments are coming from. Kershaw has pitched at an incredible level over the past seven years and is certainly worthy of being in the conversation for the number one pick.  However, there is just no way that I could pass on the best player in baseball if I were picking at number one. Now this isn’t going to change Trout’s value because there is nowhere to go. He’s already the best. But it brings a lot more excitement for those who are able to land Trout.


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