Noah Syndergaard Has Bulked Up This Offseason

This is not a Best Shape of His Life story, really, but the fact that Noah Syndergaard has put on 17 pounds of muscle this offseason comes in the course of this excellent profile of him at Sports Illustrated. He has worked out all offseason, adding that muscle and reducing his body fat. The guy is already a beast. If he puts on mid-career Roger Clemens-style bulk, he might be downright scary.

I usually think that stories that come out about a player working extra hard during the offseason are overblown and I feel the same way about this one. It should just be expected that players are working out during the offseason and just because there was a story written it becomes a big deal. There are plenty of other players who have worked just as hard and received no attention for that. Now obviously this is a little different because Syndergaard is one of the best in the league at his position and is still only twenty-four years old. This is not going to change the way I view Syndergaard, but it is going to change the way that others view him.

I’m looking at this purely from a fantasy baseball perspective and this could potentially raise his draft stock up to the point where he is overvalued. Currently, Syndergaard is hovering around the end of the second round in standard 10-team leagues with the likes of Madison Bumgarner and Chris Sale. I think this is a solid spot for him considering his stats last year where he only threw 183.1 innings and racked up over 200 strikeouts.

syndergaard-statsStats from

The news of his offseason training may prompt other players to value him higher than where he currently sits and could result in his draft stock rising. Currently being drafted as the number four overall pitcher it is going to be tough for him to outperform the three proven guys in front of him in Kershaw, Scherzer, and Bumgarner. The bottom line is; don’t buy into the offseason hype.


I Kind Of Hate Fantasy Baseball Ranks

I kind of hate ranks when it comes to fantasy baseball. Ranks feel like they lock a player into being selected in a certain spot. Players should be drafted based on the way that a team is being constructed. If a team is being built for speed then a guy like Chris Davis probably won’t be on their radar while Billy Hamilton will be much more valuable. By placing ranks on these players it feels like they need to be picked at a certain spot. If there is a player who has fallen below his projected draft spot don’t feel compelled to pick him. Just stick to whatever strategy was chosen when the draft began.

Giancarlo Stanton Hit a Ding Dong!

Giancarlo Stanton.jpg


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Well, that took a while. Stanton had not hit a home run since May 24th while missing seven games due to injury as well as two games off. Stanton’s slump has been one of the big stories of the 2016 season as his batting average has hovered around the low .200’s and his power has dipped. His struggles have extended well past a standard slump but I still don’t believe there is reason to worry. Mike Trout started the season in a similar way to what Stanton is experiencing now and was able to turn it around in a big way. Stanton has proven that he has the ability to be one of the premier power hitters in the league and his struggles should come to an end soon.

YES! Clay Bucholz Is Returning To the Red Sox Rotation!

I might be the biggest (and maybe only) Clay Bucholz fan in the world. The guy is a two time all-star who takes so much crap when he struggles and gets no recognition when he pitches well. Yes, the beginning of this year was an absolute disaster, but to pitch guys like Roenis Elias while Bucholz is in the bullpen is an insult to every single Sox fan. Why not give Clay a couple more starts to figure it out? He has proven over multiple seasons that he can lead a pitching staff when healthy. Obviously he hasn’t been able to stay healthy for an elongated period of time but he is still the best option that the Sox currently have. I’m so excited for his return to the rotation and I fully expect him to take advantage of this second chance. When Clay pitches well and stabilizes the back end of the rotation I can’t wait to point out this post and say I told you so.

Clay Believe

Evgeni Malkin Is Unrecognizable in an NBA Arena

Evgeni Malkin was in Cleveland last night to support his fellow Russian Timofey Mozgov and it looks like not many people noticed. As a fan of both the NBA and NHL I find that it tough to believe that fans can’t appreciate both sports, but it seems that people tend to lean one way or the other when it comes to basketball and hockey. I don’t understand how people can think that way. Both sports provide tons of entertainment and excitement and to completely write one off is absolutely ridiculous. The worst type of people are the ones who are so adamant in their hate. It doesn’t make any sense. Anyways, the point of this was to say that a superstar in the NHL going unrecognized in the bleachers of an NBA game is a god damn shame.

Malkin at Cavs

Cleveland Forces Game 7 As Steph Curry Gets Tossed

Honestly this game was never even close. LeBron James decided that it was his game and the Warriors never had a chance. I’d like to say I can provide some solid basketball analysis, but that would be a stretch. Based off what I saw tonight though it’s going to be very hard to bet against the Cavs in game 7. Golden State has relied heavily on their bench throughout the series and it appears that their hot streak is coming to an end. Combine that with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving playing out of their minds and it is a recipe for disaster in Golden State.

Warriors vs Cavs

Now onto the Curry ejection. It was terrible. The refs were terrible. The NBA is wildly inconsistent when it comes to calling fouls and I’ll be the first to say that I do not agree with the majority of calls. By calling ridiculously awful fouls all night it takes away from the game. LeBron can drive to the hoop and draw a foul on almost every possession. It’s absolutely incredible to me that it’s allowed to happen on a consistent basis. Just let the players play. Obviously there are going to be fouls, but sometimes the refs need to put the whistle down. On Curry’s last foul of the game he was running back and got tangled up with LeBron. There’s no way that a foul should have been called there. It takes the best player away from his team in the most important game of the season and shouldn’t happen. Looks like Ayesha Curry might be onto something here…

Ayesha Curry Tweet