Brandon Phillips Traded To The Atlanta Braves

Braves acquired 2B Brandon Phillips and cash from the Reds in exchange for LHP Andrew McKirahan and RHP Carlos Portuondo.

At first glance this trade seems like it doesn’t make much sense for the Reds. They are receiving two low end players who most likely won’t contribute to their season and giving up their starting second baseman. But it looks like the move was made to make room for the speedy Jose Peraza who looked impressive in his limited time in the majors last year. The Reds moving on from Phillips makes Peraza an intriguing sleeper pick for those looking for steals late in their drafts. Peraza’s stats remind me of Dee Gordon, who is currently being drafted in the eighth round of standard ten team leagues. If Peraza is able to produce like he did last year he could be an absolute steal in drafts this spring.

This brings me to the Braves side of the trade. I don’t think this has any effect on Phillips and how he produces this season. He will slide in as the Braves starting second baseman and likely hit in the bottom half of the lineup which limits his upside. He may still be able to produce stats that resemble his 2015-2016 seasons, but those are not worth paying up for in any draft. Phillips looks bench player who can be taken towards the end of drafts.


YES! Clay Bucholz Is Returning To the Red Sox Rotation!

I might be the biggest (and maybe only) Clay Bucholz fan in the world. The guy is a two time all-star who takes so much crap when he struggles and gets no recognition when he pitches well. Yes, the beginning of this year was an absolute disaster, but to pitch guys like Roenis Elias while Bucholz is in the bullpen is an insult to every single Sox fan. Why not give Clay a couple more starts to figure it out? He has proven over multiple seasons that he can lead a pitching staff when healthy. Obviously he hasn’t been able to stay healthy for an elongated period of time but he is still the best option that the Sox currently have. I’m so excited for his return to the rotation and I fully expect him to take advantage of this second chance. When Clay pitches well and stabilizes the back end of the rotation I can’t wait to point out this post and say I told you so.

Clay Believe